Out On the Weekend

Not much going in terms of photos, but I went places. I’m reluctant to run into every social setting with the X-T3 around my neck. Spilled drinks. Theft. Contemptible behavior (mine, perceived). A myriad of reasons, really. So we take out the Panasonic GM-1. I don’t have to worry about it too much. It fits right into the pocket, is discreet, and the Leica Summilux 15mm f/1.7 loves moody pictures of cocktails. As do I.

Some highlights. Friday night, Brennan’s Work and Leisure held their open house in midtown. I grabbed a Negroni from Small Batch before heading over, which was good because things were a little crowded and beer remained the easiest thing to grab. The space at Brennan’s was cool, hip, dark, open, versatile. They had an indoor bocce court, a little office/DJ booth thing. At times it seemed it could have been a bar, event space, agency, anything. Great location. Neighbors with some of my favorite creative and agency spots: ATOMICDUST, ONCE Films, TOKY. I got to see my pal, Kimmy, who I worked with at Booksource up until a week or so ago. We laughed, bitched, commiserated.

Negroni, Small Batch
One measly pic from Brennan’s

After Brennan’s, Ernie and I headed over to 58hundred in the Southwest Garden neighborhood (did not know this was a thing). 58 has been through a couple of false starts since it closed as Mr. B’s but has been operational at full strength for about three weeks. Ernie and I were surprised to find our friend Nhat sitting at the bar. He owns Copper Pig (a favorite in our neighborhood). We talked about travel, food, drinks, big business ideas. I pitched my new business idea. A cocktail bar about the size of a closet and plays Protomartyr albums (it’s been on heavy rotation). All of the cocktails were to be named after biblical things that are fun to say. NeberkenezersBelshazzars. We talked about times stumbling into or out of Copper Pig and when I hugged Nhat after eating a sandwich called the Three Little Pigs (I did this on my first visit). I had another Negroni. Ernie and I split a bottle of wine. Parts and Labor out of California. The bartender was the nicest. Things get hazy at this point. The design of this space, the fixtures, the atmosphere, the details, the food and drink selection, the loud table in the corner, probably loud us at the bar—I loved it all. I ordered Tennessee toast with pimento spread and greens. Holy shit. Can’t wait to go back.

Saturday was a recovery day. Sort of. Ernie and I made it downtown to the Opening Reception for Art St. Louis XXXIV. My buddy, Joshua Osburg, had a painting hung in this gallery. Black Sun. I’ve been wanting to see it in person (not in progress or on Insta), so this was my chance. I really love this piece. It speaks to me. It inspires me to revisit my Heathens stuff. “In Missouri, we stand on the bank of the Gasconade with shotguns in our hands, beer bottles in our pockets, chews in our lips and cigarettes in our mouths, thinking boys this is rock bottom. We wipe our eyes with the backs of our hands. We tongue the back of our teeth for food. We starve ourselves for days.” That business (moody shit).

Joshua Osburg, St. Louis, MO. “Black Sun.” 2018. Charcoal on Paper, 42”x49”.

Other sightings. I met up with my good friend from my most recent employer (Booksource), and I saw another friend from another recent employer (Express Scripts), and I chatted up the previous owner from another recent employer (Paradowski). This may sound like a lot of recent employers, but it’s over the course of about 10 years in design and agency business. It’s normal. Or, we tell ourselves what we have to. The whole event was a real who’s who or this is your life. I was hungover already, out of credits. I did not break out in hives.

Sunday was a wash. The weather around here is pretty dismal this time of year. Cold. Grey. Damp. Tough going. We took our family photo in front of the house like we do every November. About two weeks late. No brushing of hair or real consideration of appearance on my part. Ernie is home this week. For this I am grateful. I have a second interview at a place I really want to work. I have some irons in fires I would also consider. I’m not in a hurry. Or, I’m at times panicked. Sometimes off and running. Sometimes apprehensive or reluctant. Someday I’ll look back on this they say.


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