Hune-Huly (Miscellaneous Debris)

I don’t know who I am I don’t know where I am.

[Insert name of place] was, and still is, suited primarily to wealthy people able to tolerate the boredom and tastelessness and humidity that account for most of the culture there.

Focus on who you are and what you’ve built, not who you planned on being and what you expected to have. Trust that the present moment—however difficult, however different from what you’d imagined—has something to teach you. Keep moving.

Frisbee Clinic

Excuse me, I’m sorry, well, perfect

Lack of sentimentality 

Lack of self pity

Sense of humor

The day I was born Wayne said, Moose, somebody in this world did something right.

Drinking Neberkenezers

Drinking Belshazzars

My favorite dream is telekinesis.

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