Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown

My friend Paul tells me this story about renovating the third floor of his house in Kansas City. Unemployed at the time, it seemed like a project to take on. When the company called and asked him to come in for an interview, he dropped his toolbelt and wrote the appointment down on a bare stud. He got the job, worked there for years. I imagine his toolbelt still on the ground and the phone number on the wood all this time later.

All this is to say I haven’t updated this page since I got my fancy job downtown blowing leaves (little joke, Art Director at 2e Creative). I’m blessed to have the opportunity, but this site quickly became a non-priority as we say in the business. And we had such high hopes. I did, however, manage to get out on my lunch breaks and take pictures of some of the buildings downtown. These are them.

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